Laughter Yoga: Laughing for the Health of It

Welcome to the YogaLaughs 2014 Certified Laughter Yoga Training site! We hope you'll join us for a weekend of deep rejuvenation, ease and play, practical and fun learning, compelling presentations and likely more laughter than you've ever experienced in 2 days!

We strive to provide insightful, laughter-filled, professional trainings, giving you everything you need to start skillfully leading Laughter Yoga. We teach the same methods created by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria. After teaching 7 leader trainings, we've found a weekend experience captures the essence of Laughter Yoga and creates strong friendships based on joy and health. Join us soon and leave glowing with confidence and mirth!

"I'm so excited to attend your Laughter Yoga Leader training for a 2nd time [this April]! After last year's session, I have integrated Laughter Yoga in my private and professional life with benefits such as less anxiety and a greater way to connect with audiences for my business! LIFE AND GAME CHANGING. You motivate, educate and share laughter with such grace, energy and love!" -- Heather Umberger, CLYL, Richmond, Virginia. two sisters laughing together
Sisters laughing together at the August 2014 Training